Bulk Inserts

Soon, it will be possible to submit one RDF or XML feed per domain to update all of the pages it contains that should be geolocated. Until I have that feature working, the best way to submit lots of pages to the database is to use a slight modification of the interface for adding a single page.

To add several sites at once, make a request something like this:
As you can see, the queue manager will handle multiple instances of the URL variable in the query string, and will add all listed urls to the queue for processing.

Bulk queries

Regular dumps are made of the database in an XML based format.

The last dump was made at 05:05, January the 11th, 2016 and can be downloaded here. ( 0 bytes) or compressed from here (14 bytes)

Changes since the last dump can be obtained here.

To retrieve the changes since the last changeset you requested, use the timestamp field from that changeset.